Shooters Post & Transfer manages film noise with Snell & Wilcox Niagra system

The Niagra will be used for commercial television spots and feature films
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At Shooters Post & Transfer post-production firm in Philadelphia, producers give projects a clean look and sound using Snell & Wilcox’s Niagra HD noise and grain management system.

Shooters Post & Transfer, a Philadelphia-based post-production facility, has chosen the Snell & Wilcox Niagra high-definition noise and grain management system for projects ranging from commercial television spots to feature films.

Film grain and noise problems are much more significant in HD productions than in SD work because the resolution of the format is more revealing, and viewer expectations are higher. Through integration with da Vinci’s 2K color corrector, the Niagra allows Shooters to improve original elements in both SD and HD.

An intuitive interface allows operators to change grain reduction as needed depending on the film stock in use. Enhancement controls allow the sharpness of output images to be improved, while a combination of linear and nonlinear processes generate edge detection and peaking signals to ensure that overshoots and ringing are minimized.

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