Sharp unveils Blu-ray disc recorder with hard drive, DVD in Japan

Sharp has released a new Blu-ray consumer HD recorder in Japan.

The BD-HD100 records and plays back high-definition pictures to and from a built-in hard drive and Blu-ray discs with the same quality as digital HD broadcast images.

With a built-in 160GB hard drive, it can record about 19.4 hours of digital HD broadcast programming. The new product also can record about three hours of HDTV programming onto 25GB Blu-ray discs.

The new recorder has a dual Blu-ray disc/DVD tray to allow digital dubbing in six directional combinations to and from the hard drive, Blu-ray discs, and DVDs, including the ability to dub five DVDs (4.7GB) onto a single Blu-ray disc (25GB).

The BD-HD100 is also the first Blu-ray disc recorder to be equipped with an HDMI output jack.

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