Seventeen percent favor watching 3-D movies at home, says NPD Group study

Interest in home 3-D movie viewing is being propelled by changing expectations as moviegoers encounter stereoscopic films in theaters, according to an NPD Group analyst.

About one in six home video consumers would like to watch 3-D movies at home, according to the results of a new survey of U.S. consumers conducted by The NPD Group.

According to Russ Crupnick, entertainment industry analyst for NPD, the expectations of home video consumers change as they encounter new technologies in movie theaters. Crupnick expects the interest in new technologies like 3-D for the home to increase as more consumers are exposed to stereoscopic viewing of feature films, such as the newly released “Up,” in theaters.

A new NPD consumer tracking study, “Entertainment Trends in America,” also found viewers interested in a number of other technologies, including:

  • Video on demand (VOD) available on TV the same day it's released on disc (24 percent);
  • DVD or Blu-ray with a digital file of the movie/TV show that can be viewed on a portable device or computer (14 percent);
  • A paid digital download that can be burned to a DVD for personal viewing (14 percent); and
  • Watching an advertising-supported movie on a social networking site for free (12 percent).