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Serbian Broadcasters Nears DVB-T2 Transition

MUNICH – Emisiona Tehnika Veze, the national broadcasting agency for Serbia for TV and radio, is entering into the final transition of its transition to DVB-T2. To help complete the process, ETV has gone with Rohde & Schwarz, Kathrein and Comutel doo to set up three new multiplexers.


Of the 250 transmitter sites ETV operates, Rohde & Schwarz has supplied 40 THU9 high-power transmitters for 10 sites, 24 TMU9 medium-power transmitters for six sites and more than 240 MLx and XLx gap fillers. These additions have helped ETV reduce energy requirements by 42 percent.

Serbia’s transition to DVB-T2, which will cover 98 percent of households reached, is scheduled to be completed by June.