September New Products

Blackmagic Design

Compact, single-rack unit “breakout box” capture and playback system for Mac and Windows includes a wide range of rear video and audio connectors; front panel features an integrated color LCD, as well as video and audio input buttons; power supply is built-in; rear panel includes virtually every type of video and audio connection that exists, all using standard connectors; supports all video formats, including SD, HD, 2K and 4K playback; supports the new Dual Link 3Gb/s SDI connection for handling 4:2:2-based 4K; can take advantage of long Thunderbolt cables that can be up to 98ft away from the host computer.

1x1 LS

Newest fixture in the 1x1 LED panel series; designed for those who do not need DMX control; offers many of the features found in the 1x1 panel fixtures but at an entry-level price; available in daylight color balance, either flood (50° beam) or spot (30° beam).



TS adapter supports multi-stream (any input to any output), remultiplexing and flexible format conversion; designed to meet the requirements of operators and service providers for repacking and delivery of content for multiple end points; its filtering and remultiplexing features enable operators to save valuable bandwidth; equipped with reliability features such as hitless switching with diversity reception, service fallback and T-VIPS Embedded Redundancy Control to ensure 100-percent uptime even in the case of severe packet or link loss.

BHV Broadcast
Syntax Essence

Low-cost version of the Syntax up/cross/downconverter; offers the same broadcast specifications as it predecessor but with a 50-percent price tag; based on Super-Resolution Bandlet Technology; brings the performance advantages of motion-compensated processing without the associated disadvantages of high cost and occasionally severe artifacts; full Syntax range offers options such as analog video inputs and ARC, which are available as extras on Syntax Essence.

Front Porch Digital

DIVAdirector V5.1

Media asset management system is a permission-based Web application that enables complete access to file-based content stored by DIVArchive CSM systems; contains new features that make it even easier for any media organization with a DIVArchive system to manage its digital files, especially if that organization is using the LYNXsm platform for moving, archiving and online video publishing to the cloud; available as a cloud service or licensed locally; offers enhanced integration with other components in the DIVASolutions product line.

Leader Instruments
LV 5837

Audio monitor accepts up to eight AES/EBU stereo digital audio feeds at sampling frequencies from 32kHz to 190kHz; has a wide range of measurement capabilities, including audio level metering in dBFS, Nordic, BBC and DIN scales; up to 16 audio channel bargraphs can be viewed simultaneously on the instrument’s 6.3in TFT LCD color screen; peak hold can be switched between true-peak, PPM Type 1 or PPM Type II modes and zero to five seconds duration in 0.5 or one-second steps.

Calrec Audio
Artemis Light

Newest member of the Artemis family of audio consoles; new feature is a compact processing rack dedicated to delivering digital signal processing and routing capabilities in a 4U enclosure; like all Artemis consoles, Artemis Light incorporates Bluefin2 high-density signal processing and Hydra2 networking technologies in the same compact yet scalable control surface used by Artemis Shine and Beam; employing the same hardware and software architecture, the console can be fully integrated with any existing Hydra2 network.


FORK Xchange Suite 1.5

Gives broadcasters instant Web access to content on their FORK Production servers from any Windows, Mac or iOS device; contains new capabilities for creating subclips and markers, as well as an upload manager, extended metadata functionality, multitrack audio control, and more new features that make it even easier for media enterprises to manage content efficiently among multiple FORK Production suites; supports multiple frame rates according to both NTSC and PAL standards.

Precision HDW7

Portable monitor’s small, lightweight enclosure houses a 7in In-Plane Switching screen, designed to offer vivid, clear pictures and a stable response time; displays consistent and accurate color from all viewing angles; adjustable clip level, under and over luminance, and false color capability are enhanced further by the built-in clear and absolute waveform, RGB and vector traces; HDMI input is complemented by a 3G, HD, SD-SDi input and loop and headphone audio output.

SVP 5500

HEVC/H.265 encoder is designed for the delivery of live and linear TV over mobile networks to mobile devices; capable of real-time encoding at resolutions up to HD; reduces bandwidth requirements for current and future services; enables operators to deliver consistent, high-quality TV experiences on mobile devices and to meet growing consumer expectations for TV Anywhere services, whether in the home or on the move.

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Invenio Motion 4

Designed to represent a reinvention of media asset applications from a simple workflow engine to a comprehensive media management system that integrates people, applications and devices into a holistic workflow; allows users to add, configure and manage devices, as well as assign tasks to personnel and track projects from inception to completion; consolidates multiple asset management tasks within its engine, bringing together many transcoding and storage options.

Maestro 6.7

Enterprise graphics system addresses end-to-end graphics creation and distribution workflows for real-time, pre- and post-broadcast production environments; seamlessly integrates with industry-standard newsroom, automation, traffic and editing systems; key new feature is the GMAM system, a graphics-oriented media asset management technology fully integrated within Maestro; additional new features include an order management system that better manages asset requests for video clips and images, and a SceneEdit module, which lets users create a completely new graphic design or modify the look of existing graphics from the playout station


Inter-sample true-peak limiter is based on the standardized true-peak algorithms of ITU-R B.S. 1770 and related standards; suitable for the control of audio for post production and broadcast applications; true-peak limiting can also be used to ensure that downstream codecs (mp3, AAC) do not introduce distortion into the signal; although ISL has been designed for limiting relatively dynamic high-quality audio, it can also be used to hard limit and reduce dynamic range considerably if this is required.

ingestLINE FrameLector

Video ingest module for typical SD material such as betacam SP; ingest tool provides scene detection, lossless compression on open source standards, remote control and an infinitely scalable, multi-stream parallel solution, with complete previewing.

Grass Valley


Latest version of the media workflow application framework includes archive, conform and metadata management enhancements; this functionality, when combined with ENPS, Octopus or iNEWS newsroom computer systems, permits users to access all of their STRATUS tools within the NRCS — streamlining the entire news production process; these news tools also facilitate the unlimited sharing of clips and content creation tools between collaborative workgroups or individual users.


Axis World Graphics

Newly enhanced mapping system provides a more interactive experience for producers, as well as faster renders and many new features; order management tools offer new point allocation systems that enable more efficient management of graphics teams; custom order forms offer flexibility for handling many different asset types; additional new features include integrations with Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro video editing.

Small Tree


Four-drive video editing shared storage system supports 2TB, 3TB or 4TB disk drives; its unique design enables video editors with limited resources to focus on editing video projects rather than trying to locate critical files off portable storage drives; equally effective in studios or on the move with a mobile production crew; designed to be simple to set up and manage; storage is available within minutes of start-up; is configurable from 8TB to 16TB of storage capacity, while driving nine streams of ProRes 422.

Shotoku Broadcast Systems

Tracking pan-and-tilt head is designed as the perfect companion for the TP200VR pedestal; features the company’s reliable and accurate VR tracking technology; designed to offer a continuously adjustable perfect-counterbalance system; VISCAM ultimate fluid drag system ensures smooth, adjustable pan-and-tilt drag with enhanced torque.


Combiner family has a compact modular design that can be configured to fit into the smallest transmitter rooms; additional frequencies can be easily added when the time comes; uses temperature-compensated bandpass filters, which have an integrated heat sink top; this keeps the filters cool and locked on their frequencies; various models are available for different channel spacing.



Content delivery platform allows viewers to use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to access extra content and view clips the way they want; latest features include the ability to replay clips at variable speeds and the ability to import third-party statistics and analysis information integrated into a timeline; offers advanced integration with third-party Web systems.

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BkM100 Mediator

CDN management software enables network service providers to deliver video content to any screen, offering viewers a superior quality of experience over any network; includes an advanced caching mechanism that optimizes storage at edge levels; using the new content priority management tool, users can prioritize pay and free content to distribute CDN video services more efficiently.

Crystal Vision
Safire 3

Real-time chroma keyer works with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources; new processing features add more realism to the key, with shaping and softening of edges, key noise reduction, color-spill processing and 2D compensation for uneven illumination of backdrops with separate corrections for linear and radial lighting problems.


SilverBACK-II with JUICE

Fiber transport system can transmit any camera signal — including HD-SDI video, audio, control data, GPIOs, tally and power — over a single hybrid fiber and copper cable without relying on local power or batteries; eliminates operator fatigue in the field by providing a lightweight, remote powering system that can be seamlessly integrated onto any camera.



Quad-split multiviewer has full-screen capability; can be mounted easily onto the rear of a high-resolution display; accepts and auto-detects composite, SD, HD and 3G-SDI signals; supports DVI/HDMI and SDI outputs; displays embedded audio meters; supports the TSL protocol over IP; power consumption is low (12W) and is completely silent (fan-less).

Gigawave HD micro camera

HD micro camera measures only 8cm x 2.4cm x 2.4cm (without lens) and weighs only 2.8oz; powered by a 10VDC to 18VDC supply; HD-SDI video input arriving via SMB connector; designed to deliver full broadcast-quality images in the most demanding environments; includes remote-control functionality; can be directly connected with existing Gigawave on-board camera systems.

Alan Dick Broadcast

FM notch filter is designed for suppression of intermodal products and rejection of a single frequency; also features natural temperature stabilization, and low insertion loss and VSWR packaged in a compact, high “Q” aluminum cavity; features a small footprint.

S3 Group

StormTest Decision Line

Automated test system is designed for screening digital TV receiver devices; built on S3 Group’s StormTest core platform, offering services such as OCR, image capture and image comparison, motion and audio detection; newest version includes features such as support for DOCSIS reporting and for retrieving predefined diagnostic information via DOCSIS from the cable headend and/or the device under test.

Brainstorm Multimedia

EasySet 3D

Virtual set provides a comprehensive 3-D real-time environment with stereoscopic capabilities; features an integrated chromakeyer, up to four SD/HD inputs and live switcher mode with up to 12 live simultaneous productions for easy transition between 3-D cameras from a single PC.


Signal detector is available in either 1RU or 2RU frame formats; can detect and/or switch up to 24 discreet pairs of reference signals from a set of main and reserve SPGs; frames may be fitted with single or dual power supplies; for further resilience, rear connector units have by-pass relays to ensure that an output is always retained in the event of board removal or total loss of power.

MIL26, MIL41

MIL26 stagebox is used for eight-channel audio cables, while MIL41 is used for 12 channels of audio; can be wired as a single input in parallel or as a straight-feed-through version; made using Neutrik XLRs; designed to withstand harsh OB environments where they are used for the breaking out from multichannel audio cables on to single mic cables.

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Observer 7.0

Logging and monitoring system allows users to log MPEG transport streams continuously, as well as monitor A/V content, including BS.1770-2 loudness and other correlations of data and video; enhanced version accommodates an even broader array of inputs, including ASI, QAM, 8-VSB and DVB-T MPEG TS interfaces; provides improved system density for HD and SD programs.


ICE Channel-in-a-Box v3.0

Channel-in-a-box now includes powerful integrated 3D and 2D graphics and CG functionality with timeline control and the ability to populate fields from Morpheus automation schedule events, as well as external data sources; complementing ICE’s HD and SD simulcast capabilities is the addition of a delay server that provides the ability to record the output of a channel for delayed playout services; offers variable-speed playout and audio processing.


Router provides all of the advanced features of an enterprise-class router in a 144 x 288 matrix contained in just 8RU; designed for mobile production suites and smaller studios; includes robust features typically found in larger routers, such as redundant power supplies, control cards and crosspoints.

Visual Unity
4K Gateway

Portable device for real-time, low-latency video streaming up to 3-D 4K; online 4K digital video offers about four times the resolution of the most widely-used HD television format, and 24 times that of a standard broadcast TV signal; device allows film, post production and visualization companies to harness the power of 4K over unlimited bandwidth and distance in collaborative environments; operates over dedicated photonic networks or shared Internet; offers low latency of less than 1ms plus networking delay, thus ensuring an interactive experience; higher buffering can be optionally selected to compensate for high network jitter or special applications.


Content Management System (CMS)

Content management system allows users to manage all processes within the global production environment — from editing through post and distribution — through simple, easy-to-manage workflows and task automation, accessed through one unique and easy-to-use interface; enables users to connect all of their partners and vendors within a single production ecosystem; latest version includes enriched features within its metadata management module and a new, enhanced GUI .

Sonnet Technologies
Echo Express SE 10GbE

Two-port 10GbE Thunderbolt adapter bundles Sonnet’s just-released Echo Express SE Thunderbolt expansion chassis for PCI Express (PCIe) cards and Presto’s 10GbE two-port 10GbE PCIe card together to provide a near-plug-and-play solution for adding 10GbE connectivity to any computer with a Thunderbolt port; compact device enables users to connect directly to high-speed infrastructure and storage without stepping down in speed.


Portable camera is part of the company’s new Unicam line of multiformat HD cameras; provides 3G-SDI 1080/50p performance; new 16-bit portable HD companion-camera supports not only 1080i/720p, but also 3G signals such as 1080/50p 4:2:2 and 1080/50i 4:4:4; employs advanced new progressive AIT CCD imagers and an all-new digital video processing system; delivers a choice of 1080/50p 4:2:2 or 1080/50i 4:4:4 color sampling; designed for traditional multi-camera production applications; also features a 3G fiber-transmission system from the camera head to its (also new) CCU; transmission options include an HD-SDI QTV signal for teleprompter use and an HD-SDI “trunk channel” that allows for connection of a second camera that doesn’t have its own built-in fiber transmission system.


End-to-end service assurance system reduces operational costs for multiscreen TV networks by providing help desk, field technicians and customers with tools for managing TV quality; based on SOM approach that accurately monitors entire delivery chain from headend to set-top box; user-friendly, software-based interfaces allow providers to view subscribers’ service performance to identify and isolate service issues.

Media Service Platform

Headend system allows operators to create, introduce, manage and monetize multiscreen user experience; can be customized to support TV Everywhere services by market segments based on regional, language and other requirements; allows for tailored channel lineups, pricing models, movies and services.


H.264 wireless camera system is designed to ensure stable transmission of HD pictures and sound across a broad range of applications; custom UMVL modulation system is designed specifically for broadcast applications, combining high quality with an extremely low latency of 15ms; transmitter available in two configurations: as a camera back and as a standalone unit for convenient mounting on vehicles; receiver has eight RF inputs, allowing the custom construction of multiple receiver wide-area arrays.

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BPM Web client enables the implementation, monitoring and execution of production workflows in a full Web-based environment; delivers features such as proxy editing, followed by the automatic creation of a high-resolution version; facilitates tasks such as segmentation of media, as well as compliance editing.

Flashnet user interface

Flashnet user interface allows broadcasters and content owners to easily archive and restore material for smaller projects that fall outside the sphere of controlling MAM or automation systems; allows users to bundle material as required, before archiving to any configured FlashNet disk or tape group; using FlashBrowse, content can be sent to the archive directly from an Avid editor and restored via this simple Web interface; can be used on Windows, PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.



Audio codec is built for use over standard Internet connections; offers symmetric RTP mode that allows for quick setup of full-duplex connections without challenging NAT issues or the need for SIP infrastructure; provides seamless interoperability IQOYA V*MOTE, V*CALL, *MOBILE or any third-party IP codec supporting symmetric RTP- and N/ACIP-compliant formats; audio transport technology ensures connection with efficient management of jitter, packet loss, clock drift, QoS and FEC.

RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform

Designed to enable a more efficient system for file-based creation, standards conversion, QC and distribution of media, while augmenting and integrating with trafficking, rights management, linear automation and business process management systems; powered by RadiantGrid’s TrueGrid media transformation and parallel processing engine with an underlying content management fabric.

Optocore/BroaMan DiViNe V3R-FX-ICOM-SDI

Intercom is ideal for any setup that requires multiple feeds of high-quality audio, video, data and intercom; provides scalable, protocol-independent routing, repeating, transport and distribution of multiple signals over optical fiber; is equipped with four four-wire RJ45 matrix ports and four four-wire RJ45 panel ports; capable of housing up to six SD/HD/3G-SDI coaxial video inputs, or outputs that are converted to and from single-mode DiViNe optical fiber links.

Mosart Medialab
Newscast Automation 3.0

Automation software includes a redesigned GUI; story elements can easily be assigned to buttons, making the GUI a shot box for touchscreens; story scripts from newsroom computer are shown directly in the Mosart GUI; now also includes interfaces with Harris Nexio and Grass Valley K2 video servers, Calrec and Stagetec audio mixers, Casper, Xpression and Pixelpower graphics, and Annova’s OpenMedia in addition to ENPS, iNEWS, Dalet News and NorCom.

Telecast Fiber Systems
Terrapin TR-D6

Compact throwdown device features both a fiber-optic (ST) input and a copper (BNC) output, as well as a fiber-optic output (ST) and six copper (BNC) outputs; a single push-button operation allows users to easily switch between four modes, permitting the unit to act as an HD/SDI distribution amplifier with six BNC outputs and a fiber-optic output, a fiber-optic transceiver with six BNC outputs of the received signal or the local copper signal, or as an optical repeater with a six-output BNC tap.

Thomson Broadcast
Futhura GreenPower

Transmitters are now equipped with an increased operating range from 1.6kW to 11.6kW – UHF wideband; cooling system has been redesigned to provide further energy savings and ability to adapt to any environmental conditions, offering a 50-percent improvement in efficiency over current standard transmitters on the market.

Utah Scientific
UTAH-100/UDS Universal Distribution System

Signal distribution system combines the flexibility of a multirate digital routing switcher with the economy of simple distribution amplifiers; modular system is based on I/O modules with 16 ports, interconnected by a crosspoint fabric that allows any input signal to feed any number of output ports.


Spectrum MediaDeck 7000 SSD

Media server system is designed to offer the exceptional reliability, low power requirements and lower weight of solid-state disk storage, while providing the broadcast quality and cost-effective design of the MediaDeck 7000; equipped with four 480GB SSD drives; provides 57 hours of 50Mb/s storage capacity; packs up to four SD or HD video channels and GigE connectivity into its 1RU chassis; features multiple-codec playback, up/down/crossconversion and HD/SD simulcast capabilities.