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Sennheiser selects Furman for power management

Sennheiser will rely on Furman’s high-end power conditioning gear to protect equipment from damage for touring artists worldwide. Sennheiser includes a Furman PL-Plus D II power conditioner in every rack in the Americas, while deploying the PL-PRO D E Series II power conditioner in systems destined for Asia and Europe.

Sennheiser's global support manager, Mick Whelan, was instrumental in choosing Furman products. Prior to his employment by Sennheiser, Whelan toured as the front-of-house or system engineer for artists including Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Cheap Trick and Elvis Costello. In his present role, Whelan provides support and rack design to major artists and events.

Whelan understands the importance of proper power management. "The two biggest challenges I face in rack design are limited space and which type of plug to use for international racks. In any design, space is at a premium, so components must take up as little room as possible; plus, different countries use different plugs, and it is impossible to standardize a plug without alienating a large percentage of the world's population," he said

To overcome these challenges, Whelan has turned to Furman's PL-Plus D Series II power conditioner for the Americas and the PL-PRO D E Series II for overseas racks. Both products offer 1RU size to meet space limitations while providing advanced surge suppression and noise filtration for optimal component performance. For overseas systems, the PL-PRO D E Series II solves the issue of compatibility by offering IEC power distribution. This not only allows one rack to work for a show in Europe and another in Asia, but it also requires half the rack space and typically half the cable length by using off-the-shelf, short IEC-IEC cables.

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