Sennheiser Bows ‘Easy Control’ App

OLD LYME, CONN.: Sennheiser has released its "Easy Control" app, which is targeted for testing the media control system on various Sennheiser products or for demonstrating its benefits to customers.

The app enables both the Sennheiser Audio Distribution Network (ADN) conference system and Sennheiser transmitters and receivers from the evolution wireless G3 300 and 500 series and the 2000 series to be centrally remote-controlled and monitored.

The app can be used to monitor the batteries' state of charge, to control the equalizer or to assign names to the various devices. With the ADN conference solution, it can be used to start recordings, to set the conference mode and to provide direct access to up to 15 discussion units in order to specify the chairperson's unit or to open participants' microphones to entitle them to speak.

The app is suitable for controlling the ADN CU1 discussion system (firmware or higher), the EM 300 G3, EM 500 G3, EM 2000 and EM 2050 wireless receivers (firmware 1.7.0 or higher) and the SR 2000, SR 2050 and SR 300 G3 monitoring transmitters (firmware 1.7.0 or higher).

"Easy Control" is operated directly from an iPhone or iPad and is available free of charge in the App Store. To enable the full range of control features for Sennheiser devices to be used, the use of a full-fledged media control system such as AMX or Crestron, or an open terminal program such as the "Mote" app is recommended.

-- ProSound Network