SeaChange brings VOD expertise to telcos

SeaChange VOD systems are deployed at telecommunications and television providers around the world.

SeaChange International continues to push the boundaries of video server technology used for high-quality, fault-resilient digital video-on-demand (VOD) services for cable and satellite TV operators. The company is also targeting telecommunications operators as they experiment with their own new VOD strategies.

Facilitating more than 750,000 residential VOD streams, SeaChange VOD systems are deployed at telecommunications and television providers around the world and enable program providers to stream multi-format VOD content over DSL, fiber and Metro Ethernet networks. The SeaChange VOD System, comprising standards-based video servers and software, supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 streams and advanced codecs including H.264 and Microsoft Windows Media 9 to stream on-demand movies, television programs and other content to PCs and televisions.

Numerous providers of network gear, set-tops and software have deployed or qualified for SeaChange VOD System installations with telecommunications customers. Among those demonstrating interoperability with the company’s platform elsewhere at TVoDSL are set-top manufacturer Kreatel and network access vendor Net Insight.

Around the world, broadcasters, broadband service providers and television networks are leveraging SeaChange systems to provide added value services to their customers.

“On-demand television is available today to millions of viewers connected to SeaChange VOD Systems in a widening variety of IP and HFC network settings,” said Yvette Kanouff, corporate vice president, strategy, SeaChange International. “Our servers and software are open and attuned to the specific requirements of telecom operators and bring proven economies of scale to on-demand services for DSL consumers.”

Based on the patented MediaCluster video server technology, the telco-grade SeaChange VOD System provides fault-resilient streaming and reliable storage. Whether in centralized, distributed or hybrid system infrastructures, SeaChange’s clusters scale to thousands of hours of content and deliver streams to support peak usage in large metropolitan areas.

The MediaCluster technology is used in more than 100 deployments throughout North America for Adelphia, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox, Insight, Mediacom, Rogers, RCN , Time Warner Cable and others.

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