‘Scourge’ shot with JVC ProHD camera

Director Jonas Quastel and DP Corey Robson of PHD Productions used the JVC GY-HD250 to shoot the horror film “Scourge.”

Using technology from the present and past, PHD Productions achieved a 35mm depth-of-field look with the combination of the GY-HD250, manual focus Nikon lenses and Redrock Micro M2 lens adapter.

Robson, who has filmed extensively with his GY-HD100, was familiar with JVC’s camera and knew that the GY-HD250 would be a good choice because most of the movie would be shot with a handheld camera.

Quastel also favored the GY-HD250 because of its ability to flip the image on the fly and output 4:2:2 HD-SDI into the Wafian HR-1. According to Robson, the camera’s compatibility with the HR-1’s 24fps reverse pull down convinced him that this workflow would be the most cost-effective and efficient way to maintain the GY-HD250’s image quality from set to post.

During shooting, sound sources were connected to the camera’s XLR inputs. Audio was embedded with the HD-SDI stream, along with the camera-generated time code and image. The HD-SDI cable from the camera fed the Wafian located at the director’s monitor. The setup allowed the crew to have audio on its HDV backups and the HR-1, which let PHD Productions avoid double-system post expenses, Robson said.

For more information, visit www.jvc.com/pro.