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Scoopt establishes first citizen journalism picture agency

Citizen journalists now have their own picture agency thanks to Scoopt. Anyone with a camera phone can sell his pictures to the press on the same terms as a professional photographer.

Using MMS and mobile email technology, Scoopt members can submit photographs straight from any scene, in seconds. Scoopt then licenses these photos for publication to the mainstream media. Membership is free and without commitment.

Scoopt members retain copyright to their photographs, and receive 50 percent of each licensing and syndication deal. This is in direct contrast to signing over universal copyright in exchange for a one-off flat fee, which is what usually happens when a member of the public tries to sell directly to a picture desk.

To protect media buyers, Scoopt will apply vigorous measures to verify the authenticity of its material. Only members can submit material and Scoopt insists upon full and legally binding disclosure about each submission. Scoopt also has a strong internal editorial policy governing what it will and will not handle.

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