Scivo to market TVIPS video-over-IP technology in China

Scivo Technology, based in Beijing, will market IP video transport and JPEG2000 compression equipment.

T-VIPS appointed Scivo Technology, based in Beijing, to market its IP video transport and JPEG2000 compression equipment in China.

Scivo, which designs, engineers and manufactures networking solutions for the broadcast industry, will market T-VIPS ASI-IP Video Gateways, JPEG2000 Video Gateways, Transport Stream Processors and the T-VIPS Connect management system throughout mainland China.

Even with China’s strong IP-based communications infrastructure, T-VIPS said delivering video over IP to broadcast industry standards has been challenging. The entry of T-VIPS into the market and the experience of Scivo, means that the Chinese media industry can now safely make the decision to move to IP video distribution.

The company’s IP video transport and JPEG2000 solutions enable high-quality broadcast contribution applications, studio-to-studio media exchange, post-production and primary distribution of content to transmitters and regional head ends.

JPEG2000 is a mature, ISO/IEC standardized technology that delivers studio quality HD at manageable bit rates and maintains that quality throughout multiple encode-decode stages, avoiding the artifacts that may appear when cascading MPEG compressions. With latency below 100ms, HD signals can be transported with cascading encodes/decodes while still keeping the delay within acceptable levels.