Satellite Update - Sept. 5 2008

A review of the FCC's latest actions affecting the satellite industry.

From FCC Report SAT-00550:

PanAmSat requested authority to move C- and Ku-band satellite Intelsat 5 from 26.15 degrees east longitude (EL) to 169 degrees EL and operate it at that location. Requested uplink (Earth-to-space) frequencies are 5925-6425 MHz, 14.0-14.25 GHz, and 12.75-13.25 GHz. The frequency bands 3700-4200 MHz, 10.7-10.95 GHz and 11.2-11.45 GHz were requested for downlink (space-to-Earth) communications. PanAmSat requested a waiver of FCC rules to allow it to operate Intelsat 5 in the 11.45-11.7 GHz Ku-band frequencies in the United States on a non-interference basis to other licensed facilities in this band.

From FCC Report SAT-00551:

The FCC granted a request for special temporary authority from PanAmSat to operate its C- and Ku-band satellite Galaxy 11 at 92.9 degrees west longitude using conventional C- and Ku-band frequencies. The FCC also authorized PanAmSat to conduct telemetry, tracking and control operations for the drift to and operation at the 92.9 degree WL orbital location.