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Satellite Update – Sept. 1, 2011

From FCC Report SAT-00803:

  • •Open Range Communications has requested special temporary authority (STA) for a 180 day extension, commencing Sept. 29, 2011 of authority to provide terrestrial service in the 2483.5-2495 MHz band. Broadcasters will recognize that allocation as part of what is currently the 2 GHz Channel 10. This channel, which is only available to grandfathered licensees, is used for electronic news gathering TV remote pickup links.

From FCC Report SAT-00804:

  • •The FCC International Bureau's Satellite Division granted SES Americom's request to operate AMC-9 with a 0.4 degree change in the north/south orientation of the satellite's C-band reflector from the orientation previously authorized. SES Americom also received STA for six days to operate AMC-4 at 67 degrees west longitude (WL) with a 0.1 degree change in the azimuth of the satellite's North American beam.
  • •EchoStar was granted STA for 60 days to continue to operate EchoStar 6 at 76.95 degrees WL using DBS channels 1-32. Earth-to-space links are authorized in the 17.3-17.8 GHz band and services links (space-to-Earth) are authorized in the 12.2-12.7 GHz band. Telemetry, tracking and telecommand operations are authorized using specified frequencies in the same bands.