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Satellite Update – Oct. 6, 2011

From FCC Report SAT-00811:

  • •Open Range Communications, Inc. request for special temporary authority (STA) to continue operations of terrestrial stations in the 2483.5-2495 MHz band for 180 days, commencing Sept. 29, 2011. This band is shared with broadcast auxiliary services 2 GHz channel A10.
  • •Intelsat License LLC was granted STA for 30 days to conduct in orbit testing of Intelsat 18 at 176.0 degrees east longitude. Testing is authorized on conventional C-band frequencies and Ku-band frequencies 10950-11200 MHz, 11450-11700 MHz and 12250-12750 MHz (space-to-Earth) and 14000-14500 MHz (Earth-to-space). Telemetry, tracking and telecommand is authorized on specified C-band frequencies.

From QuetzSat-1 Satellite Successfully Performs Post-Launch Maneuvers:

  • •Space Systems/Loral reports that the QuetzSat-1 satellite was launched from the Balkonur Space last week and has deployed its solar cells prior to maneuvering into geosynchronous orbit. QuetzSat-1 is a 20-kilowatt Ku-band only satellite that will be used to provide direct-to-home services to Mexico, North America and Central America. It is owned by SES.