Satellite Update

The FCC granted PanAmSat License Corp. special temporary authority (STA) to relocate Galaxy 4R from 99.0 degrees West Longitude to 98.9 degrees WL for the purpose of handing off communications traffic to replacement satellite Galaxy 16. The STA is valid for 30 days, commencing on July 31, 2006. Also in FCC Report SAT-00377, the International Bureau's Satellite Division sought comment on whether transferring control of two satellites "affected any of the considerations made when the previous satellite operator was allowed to enter the U.S. market." The two transfers are being considered separately. The C-band portion of the Intelsat Americas-13 (IA-13) satellite was transferred from Intelsat (Bermuda) Ltd. to Intelsat Intermediate Holding Company. The other transfer involves acquisition of a 50 percent ownership position in Horizons Satellite LLC by Intelsat Holdings Ltd. Horizons Satellite LLC owns the Horizons 1 satellite. Both satellites were on the FCC's Permitted List prior to the transfers.