Satellite Update

EchoStar Satellite LLC and EchoStar Satellite Operating Corp. requested a 180-day extension of special temporary authority to operate a DBS satellite using channels 23 and 24 at 61.5 degrees West Longitude (WL). ICO Satellite Services G.P. requested authority to modify its 2 GHz mobile satellite authorization to locate the satellite at 92.85 degrees WL instead of 93 degrees WL as filed. ICO said the change would simplify station-keeping operations and minimize the likelihood of in-orbit collisions with other satellites. ICO also asked the FCC to defer action on its request for a waiver to use C-band frequencies for limited or emergency telemetry, tracking and control operations, pending frequency coordination with other satellite operators. For additional information on these applications see FCC Report SAT-00362.

The only action reported in FCC Report SAT-00363 was a notice that contact MEO Communications LLC submitted a five million dollar performance bond in conformance with a condition on its space station license.