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Satellite Update

The FCC granted, with conditions, XM Radio's request for special temporary authority (STA) to operate a terrestrial repeater with a maximum power of 2 kW EIRP at the PGA President's Cup tour event. The STA is effective from Sept. 22 until Sept. 25, 2005. PanAmSat was granted STA to conduct in-orbit testing of the Galaxy 15 satellite at 150.0 degrees west longitude (WL) for 30 days starting with the date it arrives at 150.0 degrees WL. Once testing is complete, PanAmSat will drift Galaxy 15 to its assigned orbital location at 133.0 degrees WL. Lockheed Martin Corp. was given STA to perform in-orbit testing of its LM-RPS2 payload at 118.7 degrees for a period of 30 days, starting Sept. 19, 2005. Details on all these actions may be found in FCC Report SAT-00321.