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DirecTV Enterprises asked the FCC for special temporary authority (STA) to re-authorize its DirecTV 5 satellite, drift it from 72.5 degrees West Longitude (WL) to 109.8 degrees WL and perform telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) functions during the drift. The STA was requested for 30 days, effective upon the successful transfer of traffic to the DirecTV 1 satellite at 72.5 degrees WL. DirecTV Enterprises requested additional STA to drift DirecTV 6 satellite from 109.8 degrees WL to 109.5 degrees WL and operate TT&C functions to DirecTV 6 at 109.5 degrees WL for 180 days. DirecTV withdrew its request for in-orbit testing of DirecTV 8 at 99.2 degrees WL and reiterated its request to provide TT&C functions at and during transit between 102.8 degrees WL, 99.2 degrees WL and 101 degrees WL.

For additional information on these applications, see FCC Report SAT-00292.