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PanAmSat filed an application requesting a waiver of FCC rules that, if granted, would allow it to provide domestic service using frequencies in the 10.95-11.2 GHz and 11.45-11.70 GHz bands on a non-interference basis using its PAS-1R satellite. PanAmSat filed similar applications to provide domestic service from Galaxy II using the 10.95-11.2 GHz band and from PAS-23 using frequencies in the 11.45-11.7 GHz band. Intelsat North America LLC filed an application to modify its Intelsat Americas 8 (IA-8) satellite at 89 degrees West Longitude (WL). The Intelsat application requests a waiver of the cross-polarization isolation requirements in FCC Rules Section 25.210(i) with respect to the C- and Ku-band operation of the satellite. DirecTV requested special temporary authority (STA) to drift DirecTV 1 from 101.125 degrees WL to the Canadian BSS 72.5 degree WL location and to perform telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) functions at that location for a period of time once the satellite is relocated and to operate two earth stations to direct TT&C command functions while it is being drifted. DirecTV filed an application for authorization to launch and operate DirecTV 9S, a Direct Broadcast Satellite, at 101 degrees WL. The satellite will provide in orbit redundancy and improved coverage of Alaska and Hawaii. Intelsat requested Intelsat Americas-13 (IA-13) be added to the FCC's Permitted Space Station List. This application is more complex as it involves transfers of control. For details on this and the other applications refer to FCC Report SAT-00288.

The only FCC satellite actions reported last week involve Intelsat UHF satellite MARISAT-F2. For details on these actions, see FCC Report SAT-00289.