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Satellite Update

Iridium 2GHz LLC surrendered is authorization to launch and operate a 2 GHz satellite system. The FCC granted PanAmSat Licensee's application for Special Temporary Authority (STA) to operate Galaxy 3-R at 73.95 degrees West Longitude (WL) on C- and Ku-bands for a period of 180 days, commencing March 28, 2005. It also approved SES Americom's request for STA to relocate AMC-15 to 113.075 degrees WL and commence operations of the satellite's Ka-band payload and Ku-band TT&C at that location with an East/West station keeping tolerance of 0.025 degrees. For more information on these FCC actions, see FCC Report SAT-00280.

AfriSpace filed an application to launch and operate the AfriStar-2 satellite co-located with AfriStar-1 at 21 degrees East Longitude using the 7025-7085 MHz and 1452-1492 MHz frequency bands. The launch is proposed for 2006. AfriSpace filed the application as a satellite replacement application, but requested a waiver of the FCC's bond and milestone requirements if the FCC determined it was not a replacement application. The FCC changed the file number from SAT-RPL-20050311-00061 to SAT-LOA-20050311-00061, reflecting an application for new satellite but indicated the change is "without prejudice to the determination of its replacement status or waiver request." For details on this application and other waivers requested by AfriSpace, see FCC Report SAT-00279.