Satellite Update

The FCC approved Intelsat, LLC's application to move INTELSAT 707 from 1.0 degree West Longitude (WL) and operate it at 53.0 degrees WL in the 3700-4200, 5925-6425, 10950-11200, 11450-11950, 12500-12750 and 14000-14500 MHz frequency bands. The modification became effective August 25, 2004. Intelsat was given a special temporary authorization (STA) to drift INTELSAT 706 from 53.0 degrees WL to 50.25 degrees East Longitude (EL) and leave it at that location on a non-operational basis. PanAmSat received a 180-day extension of its STA until January 27, 2005, to operate the tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) frequencies on Galaxy XII while on station at 125.25 degrees WL. EchoStar Satellite LLC relinquished its Ka-band space station authorization at 83 degrees WL for operation in the 54850-55350, 54250-54750, 29500-30000 and 19700-20200 MHz frequency bands. These frequencies at this orbital location are now available for reassignment. See FCC Report SAT-00244 for additional information.

AfriSpace, Inc. filed an application with the FCC to launch and operate the AfriStar-2 satellite at 21 degrees EL, collocated with AfriStar 1. The proposed launch date is in 2006. AfriStar-2 will operate in the 7025-7075 and 1452-1492 MHz frequency bands. WB Holding 1, LLC requested an STA to operate its 29250-30000 MHz, 28350-28600 MHz and 19700-20200 MHz Ka-band payload on the Intelsat Americas 8 (IA-8) satellite at WildBlue's 109.2 degrees WL orbital location for a period of 60 days starting with the launch of IA-8, which is expected to be in mid-November 2004. PanAmSat requested a 180-day STA to operate the TT&C payload on Galaxy 3R at 111.0 degrees WL as well as an STA to relocate Galaxy 3R from 111.06 degrees WL to 111.0 degrees WL for an initial 30-day period between October 4, 2004 and November 3, 2004. For information on these and other FCC satellite applications, see FCC Report SAT-00243.