Satellite Update

A review of the FCC’s latest actions affecting the satellite industry.
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The FCC has accepted an application from XM Radio Inc. requesting special temporary authority (STA) to operate one low power (less than 2 kW EIRP) repeater at weekly PGA Tour events at various locations for 180 days. See FCC Report SAT-00490 for additional information.

On Dec. 17, the FCC’s International Bureau Policy Branch granted DirecTV’s request for modification of its DirecTV 10 DBS satellite authorization to specify operation at 102.775 degrees west longitude (WL) in the 18.3–18.8 GHz (downlink) and 29.25–29.50/28.35–28.60 GHz (uplink) frequency bands. As a result of this grant, DirecTV’s request for an extension of its STA allowing operation at this location was dismissed as moot.

XM Radio Inc.’s request for STA to operate telemetry, tracking and command of the XM-2 satellite at 85.2 degrees WL a period of 60 days, was granted, effective Dec. 19, 2007.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. received STA to operate an indoor terrestrial repeater with an EIRP up to 200 watts and five very low power indoor terrestrial repeaters with an EIRP up to 0.0001 watts from Jan. 5–10, 2008, in Las Vegas.

The International Bureau determined SES Americom met the Commence Construction milestone associated with its S2676 authorization for AMC-21. Hughes Communication met the Launch and Operation milestone associated with authorization S2663 for Spaceway 3. From FCC Report SAT-00491.