Satellite Update

The FCC accepted an application from Intelsat North America LLC for modification of its license for INTELSAT 602 to allow relocation of its satellite at 150.5 degrees east longitude, using frequency bands at 5850-6425 MHz, 3625-4200 MHz, 14000-14500 MHz, 10950-11200 MHz and 11450-11700 MHz, to 157 degrees EL. Intelsat requests operation of the satellite at that orbital location in inclined orbit mode until the satellite is de-orbited. The information is from FCC Report SAT-00448.

The only grant listed in FCC Report SAT-00447 was special temporary authority for one terrestrial repeater for XM Radio Inc. on top of Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas. The STA allows a power level less than 2 kW EIRP for up to 180 days.