Satellite Update

DirecTV Enterprises LLC requested special temporary authority to perform telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) functions for 180 days while drifting DirecTV 1R from its current position at 100.85 degrees West Longitude to 72.5 degrees WL. At 72.5 degrees, subject to regulatory approvals, control of the satellite would pass to Telesat Canada and it would operate pursuant to an authorization from Industry Canada. TT&C frequencies proposed are 17305.0 MHz (uplink) and 12698.25 and 12699.25 MHz (downlink), according to the FCC Report SAT-00411.

XM Radio received STA to operate one terrestrial repeater in Las Vegas, beginning Dec. 22, 2006 and continuing for 30 days, subject to conditions, according to the FCC Report SAT-00410.