Satellite Modifications Requested

Here is a list of some of the satellite space station applications accepted for filing listed in the Satellite Policy Branch Report SAT-00170.

Astrolink filed an amendment to its pending application for modification of its Ka band system of two satellites at 97.05 degrees West Longitude (WL) and either 2 degrees East Longitude (EL) or 130 degrees EL.

EchoStar KuX Corporation filed an amendment to its application for two extended Ku-band satellites and a ground spare. EchoStar confirmed it would accept different orbital locations for its systems than the ones identified as preferred in its original application. While two alternative locations were suggested (83 degrees WL and 121 degrees WL), EchoStar said it would accept any available location in the 83 degrees to 121 degrees WL.

SES Americom asked for permanent assignment of Satcom SN-4 to 172 degrees EL for the remaining term of its license. It also asked for authority to relocate GSTAR 4 to 165 degrees WL and operate it there for up to 180 days.

Intelsat filed for an extension of the milestone dates for completing and launching the Intelsat 10-02 to January 2004 and March 2004, respectively.