Satellite Modification Applications

PanAmSat filed an application to modify its request for authority to launch and operate Galaxy XI. The modification would change the orbital location from 91 degrees West Longitude (WL) to 191 degrees WL and change the name to PAS-2R to reflect the change in location. PanAmSat seeks authority to operate PAS-2R as a hybrid C-band/Ku-band satellite.

PanAmSat also asked for modification of its existing application to launch and operate replacement satellite Galaxy I at 133 degrees WL. The modification requests a name change to Galaxy XV and changing it from a C/Ku-band hybrid to a C-band only satellite.

Intelsat LLC filed an amendment to an existing application to relocate INTELSAT 602 from 32.9 degrees East Longitude (EL) to 50.5 degrees EL rather than 29.5 degrees WL.

The FCC Policy Branch Report SAT-00162 has more details on these applications.