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Samsung Postpones Blu-ray Launch Till Late June

Delays in initial next-gen DVD player rollouts continue. This week, Samsung said the planned May 23 launch of its first Blu-ray player will be stalled by a month for further technical tweaking, apparently centering mostly on compatibility issues. Blu-ray, like HD DVD, is supposed to be backward-compatible with current DVD red laser discs.

The new launch date is now June 25 for Samsung's BD-P1000 Blu-ray player. No units have yet been produced on an assembly line, but the South Korean firm has indicated it is all set for mass production at its plant in Suwon as soon as its compatibility tests are satisfactorily completed, according to Reuters. Its first player is still expected to go for about $999.

Sony, the prime Blu-ray proponent, is expected to closely follow Samsung's new disc player ramp up with its own unit in July.