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Salt Lake City’s KSL-TV Upgrades NVerzion Automation

SALT LAKE CITY: NVerzion announced that KSL-TV, the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, upgraded its end-to-end NVerzion automation system to realize a more streamlined, file-based operation and guaranteed redundancy of its main, backup, and archive devices. 

The new NVerzion automation platform manages short- and long-form program playback for KSL’s main station, a separate Comcast feed, local independent station KJZZ, and the Live Well Network, a digital subchannel. The complete system includes NBase SQL media database manager, NView database viewer, NControlMC Master Control transmission playlists, NConvert manual and automated traffic interface, NCompass ingest manager, NGest professional dubbing and recording software application, NTime event scheduling application, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, NVero on-air verification and video logger, EMC-Router Ethernet machine control, and TeraStore nearline storage archive. 

NVerzion’s automation solution runs on off-the-shelf hardware and manages Omneon Spectrum media servers, as well as Utah Scientific 400SD/HD routers and MC-2020 SD/HD master control switchers. NVerzion’s NCompass ingest manager automatically ingests content from around 10 different edge servers and transfers it to the Omneon servers as needed. An NVerzion TeraStore RAID-protected nearline/archive storage solution decreases the amount of required video server online storage, reducing the station’s capital and operating expenses dramatically.

NVerzion said that one of the enhancements KSL found particularly useful was NVerzion’s new Join-in-Progress (JIP) functionality. The software application performs complex timing calculations to cue into show segments at the correct time, based on when the show should have started. This feature eliminates the traditional dead-roll operation, enabling KSL to join a scheduled program in the event of a live over-run.