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Sahara shoot puts Polecam HD to the test

XYZ Productions in Athens, Greece, has completed a video promo in the Sahara Desert using a Polecam rig and Iconix HD camera.

The objective of the shoot was to demonstrate the versatile off-road handling capabilities of the new Land Rover Freelander 2 4 x 4.

The shoot was done in the hot and gritty conditions of Ksar Ghilane near Tunis, Tunisia, said XYZ Productions cameraman Nikkos Mistriotis. Using a Polecam HD rig with an Iconix camera and a Sony XDCAM HD F350 EX1 camcorder, Mistriotis and the crew achieved shots with “a huge degree of control” over camera position, including quick changes in horizontal and vertical angle.

As part of the shoot, Mistriotis used the Polecam to get shots of a horse rider that later were integrated with shots of the vehicle to emphasize its ease of handling. A heavier rig “might easily have disturbed the rider” and the horse, but using the Polecam, everything worked according to plan, he said.

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