Sachtler Selected for Performance Video Shoot

Credit: Lindy Michelle
Randall P. Dark has chosen Sachtler to provide the camera setup for his latest video shoot, recording artist Eddie Willis performing his song “Glow.”

The Austin, Texas-based director and producer selected Sachtler for their durability, performance and his history with the company.

“I have been using Sachtler’s products for over 20 years,” Dark said. “My workhorse has been the Video 25, which allowed me to get exactly what I needed for this video, without a moment’s worry.” Dark also uses the Video 10 for “run-and-gun” shooting for documentaries in Europe.

The idea to shoot a video for “Glow” came when Dark was listening to a rough cut of the track, and realized the potential for an "up close and personal" experience. According to Dark, performance video is about recording the intimate relationship between the artist and their music. He feels that most videos nowadays are attempts to tell a “silly, unrelated story” and don’t let you simply watch the performer.

“Camera movement needs to be subtle and controlled; not a distraction. Technology and equipment should enhance the experience and not distract.”

The video for “Glow” will be released on iTunes, and through a major broadcasting distributor.

Sachtler is a Vitec Group brand.