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Rule Broadcast Systems adds Canon SD and HD lenses to rental inventory

Rule Broadcast has seen its HD production rental business, including its Canon lenses, soar over the past few months.

To offer its customers more choice for high-quality acquisition, Rule Broadcast Systems has purchased Canon Broadcast's high-definition HJ17ex7.7B IRSE lens, HJ11ex4.7B IRSE wide-angle lens, and the standard-definition J35ex11B IASD SD telephoto lens.

Rule Broadcast has standardized on Canon lenses for the vast majority of the cameras they rent. The company's purchases of Canon HD lenses will serve an increasing number of HD production clients.

Weighing 3.83lbs., Canon's HJ17 lens is a wide-angle HD zoom designed for maximum portability and versatility in EFP applications. With a focal length ranging from 7.7mm to 131mm (15.4mm to 262mm with Extender), the HJ17 lens delivers high-end HDTV performance and excellent picture sharpness.

The Canon HJ11 is one of the widest HD lenses in its class, and is intended for producers and broadcasters requiring extremely wide-angle shooting with minimum chromatic aberrations and geometric distortion (at the widest angle). Featuring a focal length of from 4.7mm to 52mm (9.4mm to 104mm with Extender), the HJ11 weighs 4.3lbs.

The J35ex11B IASD telephoto lens offers a high zoom ratio of 35x, and weighs 9.83lbs. The lens features Canon's advanced IFxs optical technologies, including Power Optics, Internal Focus, and Digital Drive features for customizing select digital functions.

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