RTW, Lawo collaborate on console functionality

German companies RTW, a professional audio metering and control device manufacturer, and Lawo, a manufacturer of digital mixing consoles and audio routers, have collaborated to integrate RTW’s TouchMonitor TM7 as a hardware option in Lawo’s mc² range of mixing consoles.

As part of the collaboration, RTW developed a version of the new TouchMonitor TM7 specifically for Lawo, with a customized GUI that allows for the upright operation of the screen, integrating perfectly into the Lawo mc²66. In addition, the unit also will lock directly into the console’s project data management so that the TouchMonitor's configuration and presets will be saved and loaded together with the actual console project data.

The Lawo mc²66 digital audio console features 512 DSP channels, 144 summing busses and high-quality signal processing. Its newly developed “assign at destination” operation philosophy allows fast, secure operation in critical live situations. The redundantly designable Lawo MKII router with 8192 cross points provides a fully integrated control system for the highest possible level of reliability.

RTW's new TouchMonitor range features a 7in touch display on the TM7, also available as an OEM product for Lawo's mc² digital consoles. The TM9 comes with an even bigger 9in touch-sensitive TFT screen. The stand-alone versions of both models will be available with analog and/or digital audio I/O interfaces including AES3id versions with BNC connectors and a 3G-SDI option for the TM9, supporting up to 32 audio channels.

With the modular software of the TouchMonitor, the user can precisely define the functional range of each unit. Capabilities include measurement tools such as high-quality peak program meters and surround-sound analyzer. Third-party software modules will also be available.