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RTS Communicates at Republican Convention

Several broadcast networks used RTS for real-time, cross-country communications during the Republican National Convention.

According to RTS, one major net used RTS to establish a remote connection from Washington, D.C., to the Republican convention in St. Paul, Minn., via RVON-8 VoIP interface for ADAM to RVON-I/O analog VoIP interface. This method allowed the network to seamlessly connect KP-32 Classic keypanel users in Washington to on-site crew members in St. Paul.

RTS, a division of Bosch Communications systems, is based in the Twin Cities area and had personnel on hand to oversee the implementation of the systems.

Another broadcaster connected ADAM frames equipped with the new AIO-16 16-channel Analog I/O Card Kit to KP-32 Classic and BKP-4 keypanels via fiber.

Installed directly into the ADAM matrix intercom system, the AIO-16 card gives 16 ports of audio IN and OUT plus individual data drivers for each port installed in the system, doubling the amount of audio ports from the predecessor AIO-8. The AIO-16 eliminates the need to manually set keypanel addresses by enabling automated unique addressing, which greatly reduces the setup time. Once inserted into the system, it uses its "smart card" capability to see the back card configuration and switches its keypanel communication protocol accordingly.

This broadcaster also seamlessly interfaced RTS two-wire components that were provided by a production rental company, RTS said.

Another broadcaster rented production trucks equipped with ADAM matrix frames, RVON VoIP and RTS SSA interfaces, as well as KP-32 Classic and KP-12 Classic keypanels.