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RTI Ships T3x Remote Control

MINNEAPOLIS – The battle over who gets to handle the remote control may reach a fever pitch with Remote Technologies Incorporated’s next-generation T3x wireless controller.

The T3x features a customizable, 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen interface with programmable “soft touch” hard buttons that provide flexibility and simple handheld navigation. Haptic feedback capabilities provide vibrations to confirm touchscreen commands. It also comes with built-in camera and microphone for intercom interactions. Grip sensors are also featured.

In addition to three built-in wireless modes, the T3x allows direct control through infrared transmission. Through RTI’s dual-RF platform, the T3x supports 433-MHz RF for one-way control while the device’s 2.4 GHz ZigBee capabilities allow bi-directional communication with RTI processors and seamless integration of third-party components. An integrated 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet also allows for enhanced two-way control.

The T3x remote control is now available for shipping from the Minneapolis-based control and automation systems manufacturer.