RRsat adds new HD/SD branding capability

The Israel-based uplink and production services company has added 10 Chyron Channel Boxes to handle the SD/HD branding and promotional needs of its clients.
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Israel-based RRsat Global Communications Network, which provides end-to-end transmission via satellites and production services to the global broadcasting industry, has installed 10 Chyron Channel Box HD/SD-switchable channel branding and automated promo systems.

The systems, installed in December 2007, provide graphics for RRsat's playout clients, enabling them to broadcast in both SD and HD formats. Channel Box-produced graphics include upcoming shows with 3-D DVE effects and lower-third banners. RRsat operators build the graphics once with Channel Box's toolset and play them out live using built-in trigger points for time accuracy.

Chyron's Israeli partner, ARAN Electronics, installed the Channel Boxes.

For more information, visit www.chyron.com.