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Ross Video, Autocue Connect in Newsroom System

Ross Video has collaborated with Autocue to create a MOS interface between OverDrive and QNews.

Autocue’s QNews is a newsroom computer system component, providing flexible functions for rundown management, news scripting, assignment and contact handling, wires processing and distribution, integrated prompting and play-out control.

OverDrive is designed using Java technologies and an IT class client/server architecture. OverDrive allows the operator to include control of video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, multiple graphic channels and more. In newsroom applications, the LiveLink MOS connection to the newsroom control system enables direct control of production rundowns and MOS-enabled devices.

“Despite the differences in location and time zone, the technical integration between QNews and OverDrive has been a smooth and straightforward exercise, evolving over time from a custom interface to the industry-standard MOS protocol,” said Neil Hutchins, Autocue chief technical officer. “The products compliment each other extremely well.”