Roku Devices, TVs Get Alexa Compatibility

LOS GATOS, Calif.—Losing your Roku remote in the couch is no longer as big of a concern for customers with an Alexa-enabled device, as Roku devices are now compatible with the Amazon tool. Through the new Roku skill for Alexa, Roku streaming player and Roku TV owners in the U.S. can now control their systems with their voices.

Using an Alexa-enabled device—Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Plus—Roku users can pause a show, launch a streaming channel and search for entertainment by calling on Alexa. Roku TV users will be able to turn on their TVs, change the volume, mute the TV, switch inputs and change channels if an OTA antenna is connected.

Roku devices must be running Roku OS 8.1 or greater to be used with Alexa. Set up is done through the Alexa app.