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ROHN introduces new self-supporting tower

The SCL tower from ROHN is now available in heights from 40' to 100.' It meets ANSI/TIA/EIA-222-F 1996 for basic wind speeds from 75 to 100 miles per hour.

The tower features side arm mounts, which can be installed across the tower face to provide offset mounting to the tower. Built into the mount leg brackets are compensation for tower taper. It has face mounts, which secure mounting where offset from the tower structure is not required. The accessory shelf is installed below the top plate and provides a shelf to mount rotors and other items. The leg mounted step bolts are built-in with climber attachments to let users climb the tower easily. Around the bottom of the tower, fasten together the anti-climb panels to help prevent climbing by unauthorized personnel.

To protect climbers in case someone falls, the tower also includes the ROHN-Loc safety climbing device.

The bolted together, 10-foot sections of the tower can be shipped either assembled or knocked-down.

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