Rohde & Schwarz tests MPEGs

The Rohde & Schwarz DVM MPEG-2 monitoring System monitors and analyses digital transport streams. The DVM 100 base unit allows simultaneous control of two, three or four transport streams at data rates of up to 216 Mbit/s. By adding the optional DVM 120, it is possible to set up a scalable monitoring system with a maximum of 20 transport stream inputs. As the instruments are only one unit in height each, network operators and playout centers can conveniently monitor a large number of transport streams in real-time and with minimum space requirements.

The monitored signals are displayed on the base unit screen that also contains various tools for signal analysis such as PCR and data rate measurement with GUI as well as table and packet interpreter. The individual transport streams, for example, are represented as symbols on a user-selectable bitmap. All elements of a selected transport stream are hierarchically displayed in a tree structure. Colored symbols make it easy to localize errors.

It is possible to centrally control several DVM 100s via SNMP in order to monitor large-scale networks or networks with widely separated test points.

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