Rohde & Schwarz to Introduce Transmitter Monitoring System at NAB

At NAB, Rohde & Schwarz is planning to launch EFA-NET, a measurement server system that uses real-time and historical, graphical/analytical reporting of transmitters and transmission systems.

EFA-NET enables 8-VSB digital and NTSC analog standards to be monitored with the Rohde & Schwarz EFA test receiver. The system can be remotely accessed via private LAN/WAN, Internet and wireless PDA devices. EFA-NET can access transmitter site parameters, including real-time VSWR monitoring through the ECHO display. The system is Linux- and SNMP-based and can interface with SNMP Network Management Systems.

Rohde & Schwarz will also introduce low-power UHF transmitters for digital TV, with a power range of 10W to 200W. An automatic pre-correction option for all digital transmitters in VHF and UHF is available.