Roanoke Valley TV uses Compix LCGn CG for local government meetings

Roanoke Valley Television (RVTV), a government education and access station in Roanoke, VA, is using the Compix LCGn single-channel desktop CG to add broadcast graphics to its live cablecasts and webcasts of government meetings. The LCGn CG gives the small RVTV staff a simple, fast and reliable self-contained solution to add professional-quality graphics and information to live video signals. For Roanoke County meetings, RVTV operates the Compix unit on location along with a digital switcher and three robotic cameras. A staff of two can run the show, with one person directing and operating the switcher and the other managing the LCGn and cameras.

Staff members use the CG to identify and provide information about speakers, such as elected board members, county administrators and the county attorney, and to indicate for viewers when closed-captioning is available. To brand live video and give it a more professional look, RVTV has also started using the CG to incorporate the logos and seals of the locality into on-screen graphics.