Riedel Provides Intercom and Digital Trunked Radio Systems for Rugby World Cup

Riedel Communications provided ten stadiums throughout France and England with its Artist Digital Matrix intercom and Digital Trunked Radio systems to ensure seamless communications during the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Riedel's Rental Service Division, supplied the equipment.

Riedel configured an integrated infrastructure consisting of digital matrix intercoms, digital party-line systems and professional mobile radios to facilitate the venue communications at the individual sports sites.

Riedel's Artist Digital Matrix intercom was at the heart of the installations. In each stadium an Artist 64 digital intercom system was used alongside five control panels, six C3 two-channel digital beltpacks and Riedel's RiFace.

The matrix intercom system is seamlessly integrated with Riedel's Performer digital partyline systems. This combination of Artist and Performer offers an integrated solution for combining of matrix systems with conventional partyline applications. The partylines are connected to the matrix via the Performer C44 system interface. The interface supplies the beltpack-lines with power and enables the smooth incorporation of the partyline system into the matrix environment. The partylines, which consist of six Riedel digital C3 2-channel beltpacks, are daisy-chained via microphone cables in the same way that analog beltpacks would be connected.

In addition to the venue communications infrastructure Riedel also provided a digital trunked radio installation for each stadium to be used by the organizing committee.