Riedel intercoms connect crews for Rugby World Cup

Riedel Communications, a provider of intercom and radio technology, provided 10 stadiums throughout France and England with its state-of-the-art Artist Digital Matrix intercom and digital trunked radio systems during the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Twenty nations competed for the Webb Ellis Cup in the 2007 Rugby World Cup tournament hosted by France from Sept. 7 to Oct. 20, comprising 48 matches.

Based on its successful formula at many international events including the recent Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy, Riedel configured an integrated infrastructure consisting of digital matrix intercoms, digital partyline systems and professional mobile radios to facilitate the communications at the individual sports sites.

Riedel’s Artist Digital Matrix intercom served as the heart of the installations. In each stadium, an Artist 64 digital intercom system was employed with five control panels, six C3 two-channel digital beltpacks and Riedel’s RiFace system. The dimmable alphanumeric eight-digit LED display keys of the Artist 1000 series control panels allowed clear labeling of destinations and excellent readability under all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. In addition, the Artist 1000 panels provided broadcast quality audio and individual listen level control for each talk key.

The matrix intercom system was integrated with Riedel’s Performer digital partyline systems. The partylines were connected to the matrix via the Performer C44 system interface, which supplied the beltpack lines with power and enabled the incorporation of the partyline system into the matrix environment. The partylines, which consisted of six Riedel digital C3 two-channel beltpacks, were daisy-chained via microphone cables in the same way that analog beltpacks would be connected.

Each stadium was also equipped with more than 250 Motorola MTH800’s to assist in the production of the games. In total, more than 3000 radios of Riedel’s rental stock were used for the Rugby World Cup. The walkie-talkie radio systems were connected to the wired communication systems via Riedel’s RiFace universal radio interface.

In addition to the venue communications infrastructure, Riedel also provided a digital trunked radio installation for each stadium to be used by the organizing committee.

The heart of the digital trunked radio installation was being used in each stadium with four TETRA base radios. TETRA combines the advantages of analog trunked radio with those of digital mobile radio, resulting in optimal frequency usage, the highest transmission quality for speech and data, maximum security against eavesdropping and networking and connection management.

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