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RIAA lectures ISPs

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The recording industry, tired of the difficulties of suing music file downloaders, has issued a warning to Internet service providers (ISPs) to stop making so many mistakes in dealing with targets of its lawsuits. It also wants the ISPs to help it settle cases early.

In a letter, ISPs are told that it is in "the best interests" of potential defendants (the ISP's customers) if they stop making mistakes in identifying them. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) also now offers a "Pre-Doe settlement option — with a discount of $1000 or more" to those potential defendants that settle cases before they are filed.

The RIAA's lawyers, clearly annoyed by the cooperation from ISPs, said some Internet providers have recommended to potential targets that they cease all communications with record industry attorneys; have given wrong phone numbers for record company representatives; and have told their customers that the RIAA letter is a hoax and to ignore it.