Rhozet Carbon Coder Accelerates Workflow at KREN-TV

KREN-TV in Reno, Nev., is using the Carbon Coder transcoder from Rhozet Corp. to speed up production workflow within the station's live HD newscasts. Carbon Coder is a universal transcoding application that can run in standalone mode or as part of a multinode rendering operation.

Multiple Carbon Coders are being used in a "farm" configuration at KREN-TV to automate the transcoding process necessary for HD play-out of material stored on the station's Omneon Mediagrid play-out server.

"Rhozet is instrumental to our new production process," said James Ocon, KREN-TV chief engineer. "Carbon Coder is like a Lamborghini--it drives the process of preparing video, from start to finish, extremely fast and with precision."

KREN-TV's new 8,500-square-foot facility was designed for digital operation and is also home to KAZR-TV, an Azteca America affiliate, which will also use the Rhoset Carbon Coder to assist in preparation of that station's high-definition newscasts.