Rhode Island Public Broadcaster Adds Hitachi-Comark Origin Server for OTT Service

WSBE Hitachi-Comark
(Image credit: Comark)

SOUTHWICK, Mass.—WSBE Rhode Island PBS has upgraded its ATSC encoding system with an OTT origin server solution from Comark Digital Services (CDS), Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark announced.  

The broadcaster has added the CDS origin server to meet the OTT streaming requirements for its main HD program. The origin server temporarily stores the station’s video collection on disk and responds to content requests from the content delivery network (CDN). 

CDS provided factory integration, configuration and testing of the origin server in its Southwick, Mass., lab facility. The server was then shipped to the station for installation and final configuration and commissioning.  

The Origin Packager provided by Hitachi-Comark is an addressable, just-in-time packager that encrypts the video content in the most popular ABR formats. Using its cache mechanism, the Origin Packager reduces encoding and storage requirements and provides high throughput to deliver content to any CDN.

“WSBE Engineering gives the highest rating to the Hitachi-Comark Sales Team and Technical Staff” States Richard Dunn, Rhode Island PBS director of Engineering.  “Their planning and support resulted in a smooth, hassle free, integration.”   

In 2019, CDS delivered a new software-based ATSC encoding system that delivers the highest possible video quality to WSBE’s OTA viewers. This flexible software-based encoding solution is capable of providing simultaneous MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC as well as HLS output formats. The HLS output format is used for streaming OTT services.  

More information is available on the Hitachi-Comark website

Phil Kurz

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