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Resilient Plasma Showing Higher Sales

Plasma HD panels may have been given up for dead by some set makers in favor of LCD, but try telling that to cost-conscious consumers who helped propel plasma sales upward globally in the second quarter.

Quixel Research said its latest data points to a significant jump of 31 percent (quarter-to-quarter) in units shipped. Sales revenue of plasma panels grew even more — up 35 percent compared with the first quarter of 2009.

But very large HD displays and anything with "1080" stamped on it took a hit – no doubt thanks to a trying worldwide economy. Leading in plasma sales were 42-inch 720p units, which were up 40 percent in sales quarter-to-quarter.

However, overall global sales for larger panels (generally 42 inches and wider) of plasma, LCD and rear-projection models were pretty much flat for the second quarter.