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Report: TV, Internet Usage Differs Across Cultures

TV and computer ownership and usage across racial groups varies significantly, according to a recent report by consumer research group Knowledge Networks (KN).

Aimed at helping advertisers target ethnic groups, the "Ownership and Trend Report from The Home Technology Monitor" found that African American households have more TVs and larger sets than Hispanics and whites. Sixty-two percent of African American households reportedly have more than two TVs, compared to 51 percent among whites and 44 percent among Hispanics. Forty-five percent of African American respondents reported that much of their family time is spent watching TV, versus 50 percent of Hispanics and 29 percent of white households.

The report also found that white households own more personal computers and pay more for high-speed Internet. Of those who have home computers, 30 percent of white households have broadband Internet connectivity, versus 19 percent of African American households and 16 percent of Hispanic homes.