Report: Streaming of 2018 Oscars Expected to Increase 28 Percent

DENVER—The big winner from this year’s Academy Awards may not be anyone taking home a trophy, but the growing idea that streaming is carving out its place in TV viewing; that’s the big takeaway from a new report from Adtaxi, “Streaming the Oscars.”

The results from the national survey indicate that streaming of the Oscars is expected to increase by 28 percent from last year. Even with those that are planning on watching through traditional TV or cable, 59 percent are planning to use a secondary channel to consume related content, whether it be from social media platforms, entertainment websites or apps.

['The Oscars: All Access' to be Live Streamed By Facebook]

“More consumers than ever before are streaming popular television events digitally and an even larger population is engaging with additional media sources while they watch,” said Chris Loretto, Adtaxi executive vice president. “This means with a strategic, targeted, multi-platform approach, digital advertisers have greater opportunities to capitalize on these programs to reach key audiences with relevant content. Not to mention, viewers are afforded more control and flexibility to watch when they want, how they want.”

Additional findings among the survey showed that social media (77 percent) is the most popular additional media content that people will use while watching the award show. The largest age group that is likely to view additional content is 18- to 29-year olds at 68 percent. Also, women are 34 percent more likely to use additional media during award shows then men.

The 2018 Academy Awards take place on Sunday, March 4.