Report: New TV Viewing Habits Likely to Remain Even Post-Pandemic

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NEW YORK—The world is slowly starting to open up again thanks to the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, but even in a post-pandemic world, most consumers believe they will maintain, if not increase, their TV viewing habits across all platforms—live TV, SVOD and AVOD streaming.

This data comes from Tremor Video and Unruly, who surveyed 893 U.S. consumers in March. 

When asked what they expect their TV viewing habits to be over the next six months, 86% said they plan to watch live TV at the same or increase rates. Responses to the same question were 88% for streaming via SVOD platforms and 81% for streaming on free AVOD platforms.

This is in line with habits that people have gained in the last year. Tremor Video reports that since March 2020, TV viewing has spiked, with 61% of consumers saying they have watched more TV than before the outbreak of the pandemic.

When looking at it by demographics, the groups that are expected to have the most increased engagement with both paid and free TV streaming are younger demos (18-44) and higher income ($100,000 or more annually).

Connected TV (CTV) is expected to be a benefactor of this increased rate of viewing.

“[O]ur study suggests that consumers plan to increase their time with CTV content, reinforcing just how essential the medium will continue to be for advertisers as they look to fine-tune their 2021 media strategies,” said Terence Scroope, vice president of Media Insights and Analytics at Tremor Video.

Per another report from Tremor Video and Unruly, “CTV Advertiser Insights Report,” it showed that 72% of U.S. digital advertising professionals believe that CTV reaches target audiences more effectively than linear TV. As a result, 85% are making CTV a key part of their video strategy.

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